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System Upgrades

This category houses all of the building blocks that pertain to upgrading the working systems of a multiplex.

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Electrical Upgrades

Mechanical Upgrades

Water Mainline Upgrades

Hot Water System Upgrades

Electrical Upgrades

Most houses will have either a 60amp or 100amp panel. When you add more units, it will increase the amount of electricity you need to power your house. To increase the amount of power you will need to upgrade your electrical panel. Some upgrades are more complicated than others, you can read more below about the different upgrade options. You need to consult an electrical engineer or licenced electritan to determine what level of service you will need.

100amp Service

This is the lowest service you can upgrade to. If you are adding more than one unit you will likely need to upgrade to a higher service than 100amps

200amp Service

This service level will give you the most flexibility without having to deal with the complexities of upgrading to 400amp service. This is a great option if you are considering having 2-3 units in your multiplex, or considering switching to all electric utilities in your house

400amp Service
This service level will allow you to maximize the number of units in your house and consider electrification for all your utilities. When you upgrade to 400amp service it requires you to get a transofrmer and upgrade the wiring in your house. This is a substantial expense and can be a complicated process.

HVAC Upgrades

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You may need to retrofit or upgrade your HVAC system when you add more units. If you do, you have a few options which we have outlined below. When making this decision we recomend you take a look at our ‘Choose the right systems’ page to help inform you about your options.
Upgrade your existing gas system

Upgrade to a hybrid system

Upgrade to an all electric system

Water Mainline Upgrades

The water mainline is the line that connects the supply of your water for your house to the City’s water supply system. How big your water mainline is determines how many fixtures you are able to service in your house.  This work will be done in coordination with your municipality. Two common options for upgrading are outlined below. You should consult a plumber to confirm what size of wate mainline upgrade you may need.

Upgrade to 3/4” Water Mainline

Upgrade to 1” Water Mainline

If you are going to upgrade, consider a 1" line as it gives you more flexibility long term.

Hot Water System Upgrades

When you add new uints to your house, it is likely you will need to upgrade your hot water system to make sure all your units get adequate hot water. There are a few options to consider when ungrading outlined below.

Upgrade your gas boiler

Upgrade to an electric boiler