ReHousing is a research project that explores how to convert single-family homes into multi-unit housing, using affordable, common-sense design to yield high-quality, well-designed space. Our housing catalogue has over 50 plans for 13 of the most common house types in Toronto. We are currently applying this research through collaborations with non-profit housing creators, development advisors and the City of Toronto’s planning group: Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods (EHON).

ReHousing is a collaboration between the University of Toronto, Tuf Lab and LGA Architectural Partners. This partnership brings together structured design research methods with practice-based knowledge to address real-world problems.

The project is generously supported by a research grant from the Neptis Foundation.

Project Supervisors:
Michael Piper (Director, Tuf Lab and Assistant Professor, John H. Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture, and Design, University of Toronto)
Janna Levitt (Partner, LGA Architectural Partners)

Project Managers:
Samantha Eby (Tuf Lab)
Conrad Speckert (LGA)

Design Team:
Toby Evans
Callum Gauthier
Sara Ghorban Pour
Angela Gou
Anusha Prakash
Daniel Wong

        Sean Galbraith (Galbraith & Associates)
        Mark Guslits
        Michael Hopkins  (Blackwell Engineering)
        John Lornic
        Giovanni Rea (RDZ Engineering)

The selection of common house types as premise for the housing catalogue was informed by previous research in collaboration with Richard Sommer for an exhibition at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design, called Housing Multitudes. Further refinement of this typology was informed by Post-[sub]Urban Complex, a graduate thesis by M.Arch student Michael Nugent under the supervision of Prof. Nik Luka at McGill University.