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February 2023

Co-ownership Opportunities and Ownership Options Conference 

Sat, Feb 4 2023, 9:30-4pm
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ReHousing presents at GoCo Solutions’ Co-ownership conference. A comprehensive conference style event, exploring all aspects of co-ownership. 

The “Missing Little” — A Renovation Revolution! Webinar

Mon, Feb 6 2023, 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM
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Introducing the “Missing Little” – the opportunity to cost-effectively renovate the smaller-scale segment of the Missing Middle spectrum. How can we design and deliver units quickly and affordably to live in? Can we reduce construction costs by using less construction and simplified replicable plans? How do the numbers pencil out? With pre-panel presentation by Michael Piper.

Participating Speakers: Kfir Gluzberg, Architect, Kilogram Studio; Janna Levitt, Founding Partner, LGA Architectural Partners; Jacob Sofer, Co-founder and CEO, Metrosuite; Rohan Walters, Principal Designer, Spaces by Rohan Inc.

Previous Events

January 2023

Housing Multitudes Roundtable

Thu, Jan 26 2023, 3 - 8pm
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Michael Piper presentat at Housing Multitudes Roundtable. This daytime workshop uniting urban scholars, designers, planners, community developers and policy specialists will explore how to take some of the ideas of the Housing Multitudes exhibition forward. Discussion will be especially focused on what is being forgotten or ignored in the proposed “solutions” to housing shortages and affordability that Ontario’s Bill 23, and Toronto’s Housing Action Plan, seek to address.

Housing Multitudes 2.0: A bigger Picture for Toronto
Wes Jan 25 @ 6:30 PM

Exhibition at Regents Park, Worl Urban Pavilion. 

‘The Missing Middle’: Where did it go and how do we get it back?

Friday Jan. 20 @ 9:30 AM
Interior Design Show Toronto, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Janna Levitt presents ReHousing Work at Toronto Interior Design Show

ReHousing Collectives: Strategies for Retrofitting Single-Family Neighborhoods into Multi-Family Co-Housing

Michael Piper teaching seminar exploring strategies of ReHousing at John H. Daniel’s Faculty of Landscape, Architecture and Design at Univeristy of Toronto

December 2022

ReHousing Awarded Second Round of Funding From the Neptis Foundation

This round of funding will support research about a predesign and pricingtool/system for multiplex conversion; 2023-24.

ReHousing project giving free designs to convert single-family homes into multi-unit dwellings

ReHousing Featured on the CBC’s Metro Morning

Postcards From Suburbia: Rethinking the Urban Peripheries

ReHousing and Housing Multitudes in Azure Magazine

November 2022

Not Markham or Manhattan, but something else: a new vision for the landscapes of suburbia at Toronto gallery show

ReHousing and Housing Multitudes in the Globe and Mail

October 2022

Conrad Speckert presents ReHousing to the Technical Research Committee of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association Fall 2022 Meeting

Housing Multitudes exhibition opens

Thu, Oct 20 2022, 6:30 - 8pm
Architecture and Design Gallery, Daniels Building