Citizen Developers are groups or individuals for whom the creation of housing is a means to housing security rather than profit.
They tend to be non-professional owner-occupants. We offer our research to support their efforts. 

There are two general types of citizen developer: 
1) Prospective home buyers who are otherwise priced out of the market;
2) Homeowners who are in need of a steady source of income or employment.

With thoughtful reforms and incentives, these groups could create units that can be rented for a fair price. They can also partner with others in a similar situation and pool resources to purchase and convert a home.

Multi-Generational Households

Older generations provide the bulk of a downpayment, younger generations provide income for a mortgage.
First Time Home Buyers
News outlets report a large number of well-employed people who think they should be able to buy a home but can’t.

They need to downsize but don’t want to leave their neighbourhood. Together, they want to pool their resources to create smaller units within the fabric of their single family neighborhood.
Homeowner Developers

They own their house and are looking to looking to generate extra income by creating new housing units on their property.
Non-Profit Housing Providers

They develop and/or manage affordable housing. Scattered site housing is a new model which can exist within low-rise neighborhoods.

Metroburb Wide
Garage Conversion

Postwar Bungalow
Garden Suite and Side Addition

Postwar Semi 1-Floor